Myths about food supplements

Most health stores and pharmacies these days have a great variety of vitamins and supplements. But it can be confusing for many as there are numerous myths and misconceptions and that’s where we come in. In this article, we’re going to clear up the most common misconceptions about supplements that we hear all the time.

At Plum Organics Papamoa we always talk to our customers to try and find the best solutions so they walk out of here feeling healthier and happier with the choices they have made.

Myth 1: If you eat healthily, you don’t need supplements

We see where that one’s coming from! Bottled supplements are quite a novelty but if people survive for centuries without them, why can’t we? Well, there are two main reasons why.

First of all, our ancestors ate way more fruits and vegetables and less meat than we do now. And secondly, they never ate fast-food, processed food, soft drinks and chips. Our diets have changed significantly and organically grown products aren’t always easy to find. Whilst our grandparents may have received enough vitamins and microelements from their food, it’s become almost impossible to do the same in the XXI Century. And, of course, because of over-farming, our soil is often depleted of so many nutrients.

That’s why you these days you definitely need supplements in your diet!

Myth 2: Dietary supplements are not safe

Because supplements are mostly derived from food, they don’t require the same strict pre-market approval as medicine. That’s why some people think nobody can be sure about the consequences of using supplements and that there isn’t enough evidence they are safe.

Supplements may have had less tests on them before entering the market but, trust us, scientists keep an eye on them all the time! And some very reassuring statistics have been collected so far. For example, carefully pre-tested and doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs have resulted in around 731,000 emergency room visits a year in the USA. Side effects from dietary supplements, where a doctor’s appointment was required, resulted in only 23,000 cases over a 10-year period!

So, just be smart and follow the instructions on the bottle – you’ll be fine.

Myth 3: Fat burners are a waste of money

Ladies, we have great news for you! Quality fat burning supplements contain ingredients that boost your metabolism and effectively assist your body to burn fat. And while this isn’t a ‘magic pill’ that lets you lose weight without exercising and while dinning at Burger Fuel every night, if you take them and live a healthy lifestyle, they can significantly speed up the shredding process. Of course, we make sure to only stock fat burners that really work! Schedule

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