Top 5 reasons to choose organic food

At Plum Organics Papamoa we sell mostly organic products and we bet you’ve already heard heaps of time how healthy organic food actually is! But what exactly are the health benefits of choosing organic food over non-organic?

Organic food is what our body knows and accepts

Over the last century, with the introduction of GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, our diets have changed significantly. The problem is, our bodies and genetics have not. For many years our ancestors followed a completely organic diet which was beneficial to our bodies and easily digestible.

Organic food is more nutritious

It took scientists a while to prove that organic food contains more nutrients and microelements than non-organic ones. But now we know for sure that, on average, organically grown products provide 21.1 percent more iron, 27 percent more vitamin C, 29.3 percent more magnesium and 13.6 percent more phosphorus, than their less healthy counterparts.

Organic food reduces your body’s total toxic intake

Pesticides, found in non-organic fruits and veggies, or growth hormones in meat or cow’s milk are poisonous to our body. The worst part is that these harmful ingredients are not only impossible to digest but they also build-up inside our bodies.

Luckily, by switching to a mainly organic diet, you can stop that process. A study conducted by Environmental and Occupational Health departments from several different Universities in the USA in 2005 showed that it takes as little as 15 days of adopting a primarily organic diet to see a dramatic decrease in urinary concentrations of organophosphorus pesticides. Not a bad cleanse!

Organic food doesn’t contain GMO

What is this scary GMO? These are products that are genetically modified by combining the DNA from different species in a way that could not occur naturally in nature. Large percentages of corn, soy, beets and other veggies are now GMO – which can often help the products be more weather or pest-resistant – but, seriously, do you really wan tto eat corn that’s been genetically re-engineered?

As you might’ve already understood, there’s no ‘alien’ DNA in organic food, so it’s completely safe and healthy.

Growing organic food is safer for the planet

Synthetic fertilisers, weed killers, and pesticides are not only harmful for humans but also for the soil, water and air. According to Cornell entomologist David Pimentel, it is estimated that only 0.1 percent of applied pesticides reach the targeted pests. The other 99.9% do nothing else but negatively impact the environment!

By supporting organic farming, you help to lessen the damage made by these less responsible businesses.


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